Abandoned Chinese fishing village being swallowed by nature


Imagine being in a place where you are completely isolated and isolated from human intervention? All you can see is lush greenery around you and it would be just like getting lost in a safe haven.

The singing of the birds, the fresh air creating wonders in open spaces and without hard concrete structures to destroy your peace, this would be the ideal place for artists and nature lovers to be inspired and have a moment of peace of their lives everyday. .

Image credit and more information: weibo.com | amusingplanet.com

Perhaps, you are wondering what we are talking about. It is a fishing village in China that was swallowed up by nature. This town is located in Shengsi, an archipelago of nearly 400 islands at the mouth of the Yangtze River in China. It was once home to more than 2,000 fishermen and was abandoned in the 1990s when residents moved to a better location. They had to struggle with daily problems related to the education of their children and the delivery of food and because of that, now the entire village has been eaten by nature.

Now the city has become a great tourist attraction site and many people from all over the world come to Shengsi to see this beauty of nature. If you visit the village, you can see how the beds, furniture and other things inside the houses are covered in creeping vegetation and to be honest this is a must see show!

Despite the town being abandoned, there are still few people living here. Sun Ayue is one of them who does not leave the village except for an occasional game of mahjong in the town on the other side of the hill. Live here alone, without electricity or running water.

As a tourist attraction site, many people like to wander the deserted corridors and if you are someone who would also like to catch a glimpse of this piece of nature, this should be your next travel destination!

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