Giant lion carved from a tree is the largest redwood sculpture in the world


Lions are not easy to see, even in the wild, and due to the magnificent appearance of the animal, they are naturally known as the king of the animal world. People praise her beauty, greatness and strength and now we are going to talk about a wooden sculpture of a roaring lion that now stands proudly in a central square in the Chinese city.

This sculpture is called the Oriental Lion and it was carved out of a single redwood log for 3 years. It is the brainchild of famous Chinese architect Dengding Rui Yao and he was assisted by more than 20 people to create this huge sculpture.

Image Credit and More Info: Bored Panda

They started the project in Myanmar, where the carving was seen and finally, when the great beast was finished in December 2015, it was transported over 3,000 miles to reach Wuhan’s Fortune Plaza Times Square. At 47.5 feet long, 16.5 feet tall, and 13 feet wide, you can imagine how huge it is!

Lion statues are associated with many things and in Buddhism, lions are considered protectors. If you visit a Buddhist temple or monastery, you will see lion statues on both sides of the entrance.

Now in China, you can even see lion statues in hotels and other places and they believe that these statues keep evil spirits away from these places.

So, enjoy the pictures of this huge and magnificent creation and you will surely be amazed at the craftsmanship. We all know it’s not easy to create a realistic new creation out of something like wood, and they have done justice to the glory of the redwood by turning it into this masterpiece. Don’t forget to let us know your comments on this impressive sculpture!

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